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Episode 33: The Demons That Haunt Us - Part II

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After fleeing their home for a week, Luna and her two children now return to their home where unexplained activity has plagued them for the last 7 years. Disturbing sightings, unsettling sounds, foul odors, and more upsetting, physical attacks, are just a few of the paranormal experiences Luna, Finn and Shiloh have had to live with. After conducting the first phone interview with Luna, which you heard in the previous episode, it was revealed to Stephen that there were a lot of layers to this residential haunting. Layers he still wanted to uncover and shed light on before attempting an actual investigation of the home with his team. There were elements of this case that were red flags and warnings the team needed to heed. Being prepared for this particular case was crucial. Stephen decided he needed to hear from other members of the household before diving into a potentially dangerous investigation. Dangerous in that they have a family who is frightened to even be in their home. But they also have activity that’s pointing to a malevolent presence, perhaps even demonic (a term the team uses sparingly in their work). With the help of occult specialist Alexis, the team now invite Luna and her teenage son to  come to Stephen's residence, to gather testimony from Finn and see if they can uncover anything else that could better prepare them for what they were about to jump into.

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