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Campfire 9: Haunted Heartland


We’ve seen it in movies. We’ve read it in books. It’s the typical modern ghost story. You and your unassuming family move into a new home. A new chapter begins with a mix of uncertainty and excitement. But  then the strangeness creeps in, subtly. At first it’s just a few odd noises in the night. Possible voices in the hallway. But it soon progresses. Over time the sounds begin to move. Make their way into your bedroom. Other members of your family report hearing or seeing things as well. Ultimately, the haunting grows more tangible, maybe you are touched or you wake to find a shadow standing at the foot of your bed one night only to vanish when you jolt up and flip on your lamp.  In tonight's campfire, we have one such story for you. The story revolves around a family of four who decided to build a new home in Sioux Falls South Dakota in 2012, where each of them would have their own unique experiences, and collectively grow more concerned about their own safety and later involve a local psychic in hopes of finding answers.

In 2012, Mary and Jeff wanted to build their dream home for themselves and their two children, Colin and Tessa. They were a family who had strong interests in the paranormal. Today, their Colin is a well-known ghost hunter with nearly half a million subscribers on his YouTube channel The Paranormal Files - where he travels the world investigating famous haunted places. But this story Colin is about to tell happened before his career as a paranormal investigator and YouTube star. It’s the story of his childhood haunting that plagued not only him, but his entire family. In the following campfire you’ll hear from 3 members of the family, Colin, his mother Mary and his father Jeff. 

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