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Episode 26: Elysium - Part I

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The Night Owl team has been called to investigate Elysium, a night club that has been a home for the alternative and goth communities in Austin, Texas for the past 19 years.  Serving up a diverse lineup of events ranging from 80’s dance nights to witchy galas, Elysium has been doing its part to not only Keep Austin Weird, but also provide a safe haven for those who sometimes feel like outsiders or misfits. Aside from being one of the longest standing entertainment venues in the city, Elysium has quite a bit of haunted lore surrounding it. Some of these stories circulating about the club are that they have resident ghosts that employees know by name, poltergeist activity throughout the building, a very haunted women’s restroom, secret hidden rooms that are off-limits to the public due to too much activity, and to top it all off, an owner who is said to be a medium with very detailed information on the buildings history and haunts. Are you ready to join the Night Owl team? Let's dive in and uncover the haunted secrets of Elysium.

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