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Episode 25: Origins - Part II

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When host Stephen Belyeu was around the age of 11, he had an experience in his childhood bedroom that would haunt him for the rest of his life - a disturbing encounter with the spirit of a little girl who he discovered watching him in his sleep. Stephen had felt her presence before and continued to feel her in his room throughout his childhood. 

But as most tend to do with traumatizing experiences, Stephen pushed the memory of this girl away. As he grew up and moved out of the house, the thoughts of her only resurfaced when he returned to his  parents house and had to face the old bedroom on occasion. Today, Stephen's parents still own the house where this happened.  But to keep these dark memories at a safe distance, Stephen adopted the habit of not sleeping in this room ever since the incident. Even today, as an adult, he drags the mattress down the stairs and sleeps where he always slept growing up following the incident...on the living room floor. Stephen admits now that avoidance probably wasn’t the healthiest way to deal with what happened, but it was safe and a lot more comforting than the alternative - actually facing it. But in a field that’s led Stephen on a quest poking and prodding in the realm of paranormal, he should have known at some point in all his meddling, he might actually stir something up from his own haunted past. That this little girl who visited him in his room when he was eleven, might notice his meddlings, and once again come back to haunt him.  

But one thing Stephen never expected was a phone call he'd receive from clairvoyant friend Sara. A call where she informed Stephen of seeing the spirit of a small girl, matching the description of what he saw in his room as a kid, who she believes is still connected to Stephen somehow, and is desperately wanting to communicate with him.  The two things that rattled Stephen after this call were one, he hadn't told Sara about his childhood experience and her description of the child spirit was spot on, and two, this girl he thought he'd put behind him could possibly have been with him his entire life, looking for an opening to connect with once again. 

After opening up about this pivotal paranormal experience, and the shocking call from his friend Sara, Stephen will now embark on his very first personal quest to validate the terrifying experience he had years ago.  In this special extended episode, Stephen digs through old audio files recorded nearly two years ago, goes on a new investigation of his old childhood home with Sara and Alexis, tracks down and interviews friends old and new, and dives into the dark corners of his own memory in hope of finding some shred of validation of the spirit who visited him and made him terrified of his own room - the spirit he calls the girl from his room.

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