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Campfire 1: The Devil's Backbone


The Devil’s Backbone

Years ago, when they were only teenagers, good friends Brian, Seth, Ryo and McCall would spend many nights hanging out, playing video games, and getting high on sugar. Siblings Seth and McCall’s parents had decided to build a ranch home on an undeveloped plot of land in the Texas Hill Country that just so happened to be on the edge of a stretch of highway known as The Devil’s Backbone. Sightings, voices, and general strangeness was commonplace, but on one dark and stormy night on Seth’s 17th birthday, these four friends would experience a night they would never forget. Now, years later and all adults, they’ve come together to tell you about the many odd experiences they each had in this ranch home, and how they all believe they encountered something otherworldly during their time growing up on the edge of The Devil’s Backbone.


Man of My Dreams

When Jennifer got back from backpacking around the world, she needed a quick place to squat and recoup her finances in Austin, Texas. She was thrilled to find a cheap house on the East side of town with some roommates. However, when everyone else in the house slowly moved out, and she had the place to herself, she started to sense something wasn’t right. Jennifer shares a harrowing tale of her time living in alone in this East Austin home where an oppressive presence began entering her dreams and torturing her. It wasn’t until family and friends started reporting the same dream to her that she began to worry, and fear for her life.


Photo Credit: Jake Blucker

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