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Episode 20: Pioneer Farms - Part III


In this episode, the Night Owl team will conclude their investigation of Pioneer Farms, the living history museum nestled on a historic site on the banks of Walnut Creek in Austin, Texas. Being the largest site they've ever tackled, the team will have to revisit the farm several additional days with Sara and allow her time to focus on spirits she’s drawn to and further investigate strange phenomena she’s witnessed on the property.  Stephen also begins an extensive search through history records pertaining to the farm, the land, and the various buildings that were relocated to the farm. Just when the case feels to have hit a dead end,  Stephen makes a discovery that propels this story in an entirely new direction. One that involves bringing Sara back to the farm one last time, to explore its grounds with someone who might possess a gift similar to her, but who has a slight advantage over everyone, because she grew up on the farm and has talked to these spirits for most of her life. 

Be sure to visit Pioneer Farms and experience this magical site for yourself. 

Note we are taking a break in July 2019 so there will be no new episodes next month. Our schedule picks back up in August 2019. 

Photo Credit: @thaophotography

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