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Episode 50: Haunted Hotel Havana - Part II

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Tonight, the Night Owl team is packing their bags and traveling to the haunted Hotel Havana in San Antonio, Texas. Built in 1914 and designed in the Mediterranean revival style popular in Cuba at the time, the legendary Hotel Havana is located on a quiet part of the San Antonio Riverwalk. In the previous episode we heard from several staff members, as well as a resident psychic/medium who works with the hotel to provide tours and psychic services. Through these interviews we discovered that the hotel has been experiencing unexplained phenomena since reopening its doors in 2010. We learned of the basement bar with the so-called burning man, or spirit on fire that frightened a housekeeper, phantom smells in the lobby, ghosts of children roaming the halls and rooms, shadow figures waking up guests, the spirit of a drag queen who may have resided in the hotel when it was said to be a safe-haven for that community, and most strongly felt by the psychic/medium Kate the Brave is a weeping woman in the Penthouse suite on the third floor. Join us now as we travel to San Antonio for a two-night stay at the Hotel Havana, where Stephen will be joined not only by the hotel's resident psychic, Kate the Brave, but also the team’s psychic friend, Jeffery, who has no idea where they’re taking him. Together, they’ll explore the haunted hallways and rooms of the hotel to see if they can validate any of the unexplained and eerie occurrences reported at Hotel Havana.


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