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Episode 39: Stowaway Spirit- Part I

WhitneyCase_2.2.22_52 2.jpg

In December of 2019, husband and wife, Lukas and Whitney, began a new chapter of their life in a new home they purchased in Austin Texas.  They had their first baby on the way and Whitney’s sister, Erika,  transitioning with them until she could find a place of her own. But with a new baby arriving and an unexpected pandemic unknowingly about to hit our country, Whitney and Lukas were about to face one of the most challenging times of their lives. Fleeing New York during the pandemic, Lukas’s sister Abby would move in as well and the four residents would start to experience a growing number of strange happenings.  Falling objects, ominous feelings, phantom smells, and strange sounds on their baby monitor were just a few of the things that everyone in the household were witnessing. Join Stephen as he dives into preliminary interviews and begins investigating the details of this new residential haunting that happened at the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Photo by Christina Vega

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