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Campfire 12: The Rental from Hell

eric-muhr-U8T24WJ36eU-unsplash 2.jpg

Tonight’s campfire takes back twenty years ago, to a quaint Ohio college town, where Lindsey and her two roommates were scrambling to find new lodging for the semester. But when a seemingly perfect place magically comes to them, Lindsey soon begins to question how this place fell in their lap. There were some strange things she began to notice about the home. Her bedroom had a deadbolt lock on the inside, there was a feeling that you were never really alone in the house, and then there was the old, dank basement that had an eerie symbol painted on its stone walls. Before long, Lindsey was too scared to even leave her room, so much so she had to have her boyfriend Adam walk her everywhere in the home - including the bathroom. There was someone, or something, in this old house that wanted Lindsey...and she knew it. But she couldn’t afford to move, neither could her roommates, so she found herself trapped in this rental from hell.

Photo by Eric Muhr


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