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Campfire 13: A Psychic Journey

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It’s one thing to experience a haunting or isolated paranormal encounter, and another all together to discover you may possess an ability to see and communicate with the dead. In tonight’s campfire episode, young psychic/medium Kate found herself in this very situation. Beginning in her early childhood with paranormal activity occurring at each new home she moved to with her family, she just assumed they were unfortunate in that they were moving into haunted house after haunted house. However, as Kate grew into young adulthood, and things seemed to follow her when she moved from Midland to San Antonio, Texas, she began to pay attention to what was going on around her. But it wasn't until an unexpected message from a missing boy on a flier she stumbled on in San Antonio came to her that she realized she possessed a very unique ability. So cozy up to the fire with us tonight and let’s take a journey with Kate as she guides us through her journey of realizing her gifts.


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Photo Credit: Yeshi Kangrang

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