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Episode 12: The Spider House


In the final episode of season one, we travel back to where this incredible journey all began – at an unassuming tattoo shop on the Spider House grounds in Austin, Texas.  In Episode 1, “ Ink, Coffee & Spirits”, Stephen and Sara investigated the story of Ray and the many unexplained experiences surrounding the Royal Legion Tattoo Shop. Sara shed some light on the spirit who haunted their shop, but what was not revealed was that Sara encountered several other Spirits that very same night on the grounds of the Spider House Café. These Spirits wanted to be seen but their stories were hazy and unclear at the time.  Now, we are thrilled to guide you through one of the most interesting stories that has developed over the course of this past year. It centers around the many Spirits haunting the Spider House grounds, one of whom we call “The Man With A Box”. Throughout this year long journey, Stephen uncovers new fascinating stories, meets with past and present employees who share their personal experiences, and discovers new evidence that leads him and his team to believe that someone other than Christine may have been responsible for some of the unexplained happenings at Royal Legion Tattoo.

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