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Episode 11: The Restless - Part III


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In the final chapter of “The Restless” series, Stephen, Sara, Alexis and Franklyn must put their heads together to figure out what’s really happening to this young couple in New Braunfels, Texas. With activity heightening, rather than subsiding after a small cleansing ritual, Stephen and the team fear they might have angered the spirit and put Amanda and Paul in danger. Join Stephen and the team as they gear up and travel back to confront this darker presence oppressing Amanda and Paul, discover new physical evidence that Franklyn has captured on video, and finally do what they can to enlist the help of a local Native American Medicine Man. This case takes the team back to New Braunfels two more times with the hope that they might provide peace for this family, help them regain control of their new home, and for once in their time here, get some rest.

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