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Campfire 3: Domestic Disturbances



In the early 2000’s, a Brazilian pastor is given an opportunity to move his family to the San Francisco Bay area, to open a new church for a large Brazilian community in area. O.C., his wife, and 3 sons found a house in the Pinole Valley area and settled in to begin their new chapter in the United States. But before long, their eldest son Filipe began experiencing phenomena that O.C. and his wife were also witnessing and could not deny. The family eventually make a disturbing discovery in the home and as a young father and pastor, O.C. must to do what he can to protect his family in their new home.


Dream Home
In the early 90’s, in a desperate situation to get out of an abusive relationship, a young mother and her two daughters fled California to find a home in Yukon, Oklahoma., Theresa, a now-single mother, needed to do what was best for her girls Tatiana and Natasha and try raise them in a good home. It seemed like it was going to be an impossible task to find a decent home in a good neighborhood within her price range, but fate would intervene and Theresa would find her dream home just 3 blocks from her mother. It would allow her to work more to provide for the family while she left her girls with their grandma. The situation was ideal, but before long, Theresa discovered that her dream home seemed to come with it’s own dark past.


Photo Credit: Sven Scheurmeier

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