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Episode 18: Pioneer Farms - Part I

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In this episode, Stephen and the team are kicking off a new investigative series at Pioneer Farms, a living history museum and historic site situated along the banks of Walnut Creek in North Austin. The property was once home to an actual pioneer homestead dating back as far as 1844, and prior to that,  archeological evidence revealed that a Tonkawa tribe inhabited the area that runs along the creek as well.  Now, the many volunteers reenacting the daily pioneer activities on this 90 plus acre farm are wondering if maybe they aren’t the only ones reliving the past on this property.  Unlike any of their other cases, Pioneer Farms will prove to be one of the most challenging cases for the Night Owl team, as not only does the site have approximately ten historic buildings and sites on it, but it also sits on nearly one hundred acres of land that once a Tonkawa Native American encampment,  and even had part of the famous Chisholm Trail cutting through the property. So get ready listeners, this series will be rich with both history and haunts.

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