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Episode 14: A Haunting on Main St. - Part II


In this episode, the team returns to Buda to further investigate the unexplained reports surrounding Old Town Buda Antique Mall. Staff and patrons have reported strange happenings including objects relocating or being thrown, phantom smells throughout the building,  an uneasy feeling commonly felt on the 2nd floor, and even sightings of figures on surveillance cameras and in the windows at night.  Stephen and his team now return and have some of their very own experiences while Sara puts her ability to the test in a building full of objects with unique histories. Stephen continues to do a deep dive into this case and tracks down two of the paranormal investigators that investigated this shop in the past. They recount their experiences and even share some of their findings, including voices captured on their recording devices.  So join Stephen and the team again as they navigate the many reports and findings to make some very interesting connections that might just validate some of the activity experienced at this antique shop in Buda, Texas.

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