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Episode 28: Mattie's - Part I


The Night Owl team has investigated a lot of unique Austin establishments on this show. Restaurants and bars that are housed in buildings that are historic landmarks or perhaps built over historic land. In this episode, Stephen is contacted by a restaurant and wedding venue that he’s never heard of before. A place called Mattie’s at Green Pastures. And although the place has recently gone through some renovations, this location’s history is one of the most interesting he’s come across. Even more intriguing were the strange reports on the premises - activity mostly believed to be linked to the spirits of two young children. Phantom voices, laughter, touching, and more reputedly, children’s handprints forming on windows where no children are allowed. But above all this, the reports that had Stephen most excited to learn more about Mattie’s were two separate eyewitness accounts of seeing a full-bodied apparition of an adolescent girl. The Night Owl team will take on yet another hidden haunt, this one nestled in a quiet, eclectic Austin neighborhood, harboring a long standing history and spectres seemingly clinging to the past.

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