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Campfire 6: The Night of the Ghouls


The Golden Ghouls

I know you all hunger horrifying stories, thirst for true tales of terror, so in tonight's campfire, we're not only sharing more ghost stories with you, these stories will be told by a delightful trio of like minded ladies who are just as fascinated with the paranormal we are. Alyssa, Emily and Kyley are the hosts of The Golden Ghouls Podcast, a paranormal podcast covering all things unexplained. The ghouls inject a healthy dose of comedy into every episode, and it’s quite refreshing, because sometimes, it’s nice to explore the darker side of this strange world we live in, with a sense of humor. These ghouls do it perfectly and we've really been enjoying their show. But tonight, for this campfire, we're turning the mic on these three ladies and asking them each to share their most memorable personal experience that sparked their interest in the paranormal. Emily shares her experience when she was 16 and visited the infamous Stanley Motel on a family vacation. Kyley recounts an experience in her teens when she and a daring group of friends dared visiting the abandoned Danvers State Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts which was host a dark and morbid history treating the insane. And lastly, Alyssa tells a much more personal story that involves her family, a tragic loss, and the haunting that came after.

The Golden Ghouls is a paranormal comedy podcast created by ladies who love ghosts and all things spooky. Hosted by Alyssa Minnis, Emily Alston, and Kyley Smiley, they cover unexplained happenings, with a dash of humor for good measure. Check out their podcast at

Bruises & Nightmares


In this live recording from a Night Owl Podcast event on October 11th, 2018, Austin comic Melody Shifflet recounts a horrific experience she had living in a home in East Austin home live on stage. Struggling to find a place to call home, keep her day job at a local cafe, and buckle down and finish high school, Melody's new home and strange roommates led to haunted nightmares, mysterious bruises and ultimately, possession.

You can follow Melody and keep tabs on her comedy shows and events in and around Austin on Instagram @melodyshifflet or on Twitter @smelodysnifflet


Photo courtesy of Kyley Smiley

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