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Episode 44: Haunted Williamson Museum- Part I

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The Williamson Museum is located in the gorgeous and historic downtown district of Georgetown, Texas. The museum is housed in a historic building whose lot and early foundations date back to the early 1800’s. It was in 1997 that the building was purchased by The Historical Commission and became home to the Williamson Museum, which has been collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the rich culture and heritage of Williamson County ever since. However, staff and patrons at the museum started to realize that it’s not just the history and culture that is being preserved in the museum, there also seems to be remnants from the past lingering in the hallways and exhibit spaces of this historic building. Having had so many experiences the staff now have names for all their ghosts, they’ve had multiple paranormal investigations, and now have an ongoing ghost tour. So join the Night Owl team as they dive in to explore the entire haunted history of the Williamson Museum.

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Photo by Peyton Fishbeck

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