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Available at Buenos Aires Café  & Milonga Room in Austin, TX



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If you're looking for an incredible experience at one of  our featured locations, you have to visit Buenos Aires Café Esté, dine in, and try our Hidden Spirits Menu there. Located on East Sixth St., this tiny cafe will serve you some of the best food in the city in one of the most haunted places we've ever been to. Their speakeasy Milonga Room has one of the most active spirits we've ever showcased, Armando. Continuously known to physically manifest, he's remained a constant presence in Milonga Room and is still seen by new employees and patrons on a regular basis. 

Upstairs, Estrella, Pancho and the Piano Lady still remain and on occasion make their presence known to the staff. 

Our Hidden Spirits Menu features 5 unique cocktails, carefully crafted with the spirits in mind. The menu is available upon request at both the upstairs cafe bar and downstairs Milonga Room bar. 

Note: Milonga Room has limited hours and you must make a reservation prior to arriving. Be sure to visit the cafe's website for more details. 

Not only are the drinks and food delicious, anytime you order off this hidden menu, a portion of what you spend comes right back to support the show. So tell your friends and visit this amazing haunted café & speakeasy in Austin, say hi to the spirits,  grab a drink in their honor, and support the show! 

Click here to visit Buenos Aires Café's website!

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