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Episode 29: Mattie's - Part II


After receiving a random message on Facebook stating that a place called Mattie’s at Green Pastures had four resident ghosts, Stephen’s interest was piqued to look into this claim as a new potential case. Come to find out, Mattie’s is a recently renovated restaurant, bar and wedding venue, but more interestingly it was housed in a historic mansion with an enduring  colorful history. Now deemed an Austin Historic Landmark, the home in which Matties resides dates back to 1895 was witness to  many families living through landmark events including two world wars. Now, staff at Mattie’s are coming forward with unexplained experiences and it’s more than just dismissable occurrences like glasses falling off shelves or lights flickering. There have been two very significant full-bodied apparition sightings by two employees. More impressive is that what each reported seeing matched, almost to a T, and even more impressive - both employees hadn’t shared their experiences with one another. However, what really elevated this case to a level of interest was the story of the wandering psychic, Cindy, who appeared one day claiming that the spirits of the home had called her to Mattie’s. She  was allowed to sit in the home and absorb all that she could. In the end, she produced a booklet of notes detailing five spirits that seemingly haunted this home, their histories, and their wishes. It was an incredible story, but Stephen wanted to know more. He wanted to investigate Mattie’s with his team, and see where this fascinating case might lead.

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