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Episode 30: Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part I

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Lockhart is a picturesque small Texas town, infamously dubbed the BBQ capital of Texas because of it’s long-standing establishments serving some of the best in the state. But Lockhart’s more than just a popular day-trip destination for many Texans looking for some good brisket. The history of the town dates back to the 1840’s and includes early Comanche raids, brave Texian settlers, and rowdy cowboys driving longhorns up the Chisholm trail. If the walls of the many still-standing buildings of downtown Lockhart could talk, we can only imagine the stories they’d tell. But in tonight’s episode, one such building appears to have a voice. Many voices actually. The Gaslight-Baker Theater is located in the heart of downtown Lockhart, and many in the community have had strange personal experiences in the building. It is believed that the theatre is haunted by numerous specters, and these paranormal residents have each been given their own unique name. The "Laughing Lady" whose laughter has been heard by man. "Colonel Baker", the original owner of the theatre, is believed by many to watch over the building and cause mischief ever so often. Then there’s the elusive, more ominous presence unanimously believed to haunt stage right,  oddly named “Other Guy” by the staff and patrons of the theatre. So get and ready and join Stephen and the team as they pack up their gear, hit the road, and travel to Lockhart, Texas to uncover more details about the undocumented hauntings of the historic Gaslight Baker Theatre.

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