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Episode 46: Haunted Pompee House- Part I

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A historic home in Austin, TX, originally built in the University of Texas campus area in the late 1800s, now sits nestled on a picturesque cliffside in far west Austin. Just stepping into this house, you can immediately sense, it has stories to tell…and possibly spirits wanting to tell them. Kevin, a local musician and his wife Sherry, a realtor truly felt they had found their dream home when they purchased the Historic Pompee House in 2017. However, upon moving in in 2018, they quickly realized they were not alone. Dozens of faces seemingly peering from bookshelves, shadow figures standing in doorways, sightings of what the owners believe to be a little girl named Sarah, and even a disembodied voice captured on a studio recording of a song have all led Kevin, Sherry and their now 6 year old daughter to seek answers. Join the Night Owl team as they embark on a new paranormal adventure, this one at home built in 1887 that’s had a long and colorful history.


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