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Episode 41: Haunted House of Torment- Part II

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Chainsaws, strobe lights, blood-splattered walls, creepy clowns and blood-curdling screams. These are just a few things you would expect to encounter at a haunted house attraction. But for one particular haunt here in Austin, Texas, there are things other than actors and props eliciting fear in their venue. The House of Torment is a long-standing commercial haunted house where its employees are paid to scare the pants off their guests. But at this location, something is literally scaring the pants off of them. With reported shadow figures darting through the halls, sightings of doppelgängers mimicking the staff, eerie figures climbing the walls, doors opening on their own, and mysterious footsteps circling employees working alone at night, Stephen and the team aren’t sure what they’ve gotten themselves into…but they’re about to find out. Join the Night Owl team as they dive into their first haunted house attraction that may actually be…. haunted!

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Photo by Peyton Fishbeck

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