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Episode 47: Haunted Pompee House- Part II

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A transplanted historic home, now sitting atop a cliffside in farwest Austin, has its residents questioning whether or not they are alone in their residence. Kevin, Sherry and their 6 year old daughter Jolene moved into the home in 2018 and each has been having both unique and shared experiences ever since. Kevin, a local musician, candidly shared with us in the previous episode all he’s experienced in this home. He’s reported faces peering from bookshelves while recording music, shadow figures standing in doorways, sightings of what he believes to be a little girl wearing white stockings, and a disembodied voice captured on a studio recording of a song. Following an interview with Kevin, the family had dropped off and seemingly lost interest in pursuing further investigation with the Night Owl team. However, Stephen was shocked to get a call from Kevin’s wife Sherry one night, informing him she’d finally witnessed something herself - she saw stockinged feet running across the upstairs kitchen stairway. In this episode, the team will travel to the Pompee House for the first time to conduct in-person interviews with Sherry and their 6 year old daughter Jolene to dig deeper into these strange occurrences. They’ll uncover more activity the family has experienced and bring in a psychic/medium to see if they can provide any answers as to what’s really going on in this historic home.


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