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Episode 24: Origins - Part I


Host Stephen and fellow paranormal investigator Alexis met while attending A&M University in Corpus Christi. They were both studying film and  quickly realized they had similar tastes in cinema - horror. They soon became friends and began watching scary movies and discussing cinema together. But it didn’t take long for them to discover they had another common interest - ghosts. Their nights of watching horror movies shifted to nightly road trips to desolate south Texas towns with haunted graveyards and hanging trees. Their ameteur days of paranoral investigating started out so innocently, yet was so illegal. They trespassed onto private property so many times they're surprised someone didn’t wind up shot or dead. But as you can tell now, they've both come a long way. And although their individual paths have veered slightly down this road, their paths remained within the same realm, the realm of the supernatural. So now at the beginning of this new season, Stephen and Alexis have been reflecting on their past and came to appreciate their early beginnings. Those private, personal experiences they had as kids, long before they knew one another, and were surprised at how much of their lives has been guided down similar tacks. In this episode, they are both excited to share some of the more intimate encounters they had growing up, encounters that quite honestly are the defining moments for them and their pursuit of the paranormal. These stories are truly the origin of The Night Owl Podcast.

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