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Episode 49: Haunted Hotel Havana - Part I

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Throughout history, hotels have been  a common hotbed for reported paranormal activity. In most major cities, you’re bound to  discover there is at least one well-known hotel in town rumored to be haunted. Texas alone is riddled with them. There’s the Historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas, Hotel Paisano in Marfa, the Magnolia in Seguin, Texas, and here in Austin, the notorious Driskill Hotel. But tonight, the Night Owl travels to San Antonio, Texas, where haunted hotels abound, including the Menger Hotel, The Black Swan Inn, the Sheraton Gunter, and the Emily Morgan. However, in tonight’s episode, we are called to a lesser known hotel with supposed spooky inhabitants. The Hotel Havana, located on the popular River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, has been experiencing unexplained phenomena since reopening its doors in 2010. There’s a basement bar with a so-called burning man, or spirit on fire that has been seen on multiple occasions, phantom smells in the lobby, ghosts of children roaming the halls and rooms, shadow figures waking up guests, and even a weeping woman heard in the Penthouse suite. The activity is so prevalent that the staff have enlisted the help of a resident psychic to gain insight and also provide readings and guided tours. Join the Night Owl team as they dive into one of San Antonio’s special hidden haunts, The Hotel Havana.


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