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Episode 42: Haunted House of Torment- Part II

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Haunted House attractions have been around for over a century and here in Austin, The House of Torment has been evoking fear and eliciting screams from guests for over 20 years. However, in a place designed to scare attendees with props, sound effects, and professional actors, in this long standing haunt, the actors hiding behind hidden doors are experiencing strangeness that has them fearful to do their job. In the previous episode the team learned from some of the staff and founders that the haunt has been experiencing paranormal activity since its early beginnings at their Highland Mall location, and oddly enough, continues today in their current Ridgepoint location. Now, the team dives deeper into the more recent activity experienced here at Ridgepoint from new voices that not only reaffirm some of the experiences we’ve heard from the previous episode, but bring to light some newer experiences that include physical attacks and rumors of a young girl spirit. Finally, through the interviews and a walkthrough the haunt, Stephen, Franklyn and Alexis and I will make an eerie discovery that could be a source for the activity they are experiencing in the most active site, Haunt 3, the Haunted Manor.

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Photo by Peyton Fishbeck

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