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Episode 22: Murder House - Part II


In this episode, the Night Owl team pack their bags once more, this time with clairvoyant friend Sara in tow, as they travel back to the Murder House, the home from their previous episode that was the recent site of an unsolved double homicide. The victims: a male and female discovered murdered in cold blood in the male victims home. Now, a few years following the tragedy, the current tenants, Martin, his girlfriend Veronica, and their children, believe that one or more spirits may be haunting the residence. Objects get misplaced, they have feelings of being watched, and they all seem to be losing lots of sleep. But out of everyone in the home, one person seems to be the most targeted....Martin. He’s lost the most sleep, feels disoriented most of the time, has seen shadows and smokey figures out of the corner of his eye, and more recently was physically pulled and shoved by the unseen force. Martin is also the only member of the household to have witnessed the full bodied apparition of a man standing in the entryway between the living room and kitchen who he later deciphered, through online research, was the male victim of the homicide. To Martin, he clearly felt a difference between the male victims apparition he saw and the other presence seemingly threatening him in his new home. The team knew this case was going to be a challenging one, but they had no idea what was about to unfold on this first night bringing Sara to this house.

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