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Episode 27: Elysium - Part II


After hearing an impressive number of first-hand paranormal experiences from Austin night club Elysium, the Night Owl team will return with clairvoyant Sara to see what validations she might make or what new discoveries rise to the surface. However, with this particular case, Stephen finds himself facing a lot of new challenges. Never before has the team entered a case with an owner who possesses the same gift as their clairvoyant friend. Going deeper into this investigation, Stephen is unable to shake the thought of their friend Sara picking up entirely different things than Elysium owner Sara Wickham, and what that would mean?  Another obstacle was the undocumented seedy history of this property, rumors of a hidden brothel and the many spirits haunting the space believed to be tied to that secret part of the buildings history. Elysium will be the first case in a long time that makes Stephen question himself all over again - if ghosts could possibly be real, or if they’re merely figments of our imagination.

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