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Episode 36: Haunted Vision- Part I


Whenever you go to see your eye doctor, you expect to see and hear the usual sights and sounds associated with an Ophthalmologist's office.  Eye Charts, rooms filled with the latest examination equipment,  walls covered in frames of various styles and colors, telephones ringing, and the background ambience of patients and staff. But what if those weren't the only sights and sounds you experienced at your visit?  What if that field of vision test included full-bodied apparitions, objects mysteriously appearing and disappearing, and shadowy figures out of the corner of your eye? What if the normal office soundtrack was replaced with disembodied whistling and music that cannot be traced to the office sound system? The Night Owl’s next investigation takes us to just such a place. So pack your bags and let’s take a road trip to the Gateway to the Texas Hill country and explore the eerie happenings at Dripping Springs Vision Center.

Photo by Christina Vega

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