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Episode 37: Haunted Vision- Part III

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A boutique vision center, nestled in the Texas Hill Country has been experiencing a plethora of unusual phenomena. The staff experience eye frames falling off the racks, objects going missing then rediscovered in unusual places,  loud recurring bangs on the interior walls, rubber balls seemingly appearing out of thin air, disembodied voices and sounds, shadow figures, and even two full-bodied apparition sightings of a female spirit in their Exam Room 2. After investigating  these claims with the team and psychic Sara, some interesting theories were brought to light. Through interviews and psychic readings, it was theorized that some form of witchcraft may have been performed on this property in the past, and earth spirits of a mischievous nature may be trapped on the property. Now, for the first time in Night Owl history, Stephen seeks out counsel and assistance from a local witch to see if they can provide any more answers, and possible solutions, to the staff at Dripping Springs Vision Center.

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Photo by Meg Blohm

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