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Episode 23: Murder House - Part III

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In this final installment of the Murder House series,  Stephen and the Night Owl team continue their journey trying to help Martin and his family make sense  of the unsettling phenomena they are experiencing in their home - which was the site of a recent, unsolved double homicide prior to their arrival. After a strange turn of events, uncovering that the activity Martin has been experiencing may have nothing to do with the murders, but instead an older male presence tied to the property, the team left with the hope that they'd helped this family start moving in the right direction for dealing with what’s been affecting them so negatively in the home. But shortly after the first visit with Sara, Stephen began getting texts and calls from Martin and could sense fear, anger, and nervousness in his voice. The activity hadn't stopped. It had gotten worse. Inevitably, the team is put through their most grueling investigation to date, traveling out of town for four more visits, as they try to get a handle what’s really going on in this home, why the male presence is fixated on Martin, and what, if any role, the murders might play in this unsettling case.

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