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Episode 13: A Haunting on Main St. - Part I


Let's take a small road trip, just 20 miles south of Austin, to the town of Buda - where an antique shop occupying a historic three-story building on Main St. is reporting countless experiences they can’t explain. Join Stephen and the team as they dive deep into another fascinating case where countless eyewitnesses are recounting strange happenings in this unassuming small-town shop in downtown Buda. Reports include voices coming from a downstairs booth that was once an apartment, an uneasy feeling commonly reported by patrons on the 2nd floor, smells appearing and disappearing throughout the building, objects relocating and in some cases being thrown, and even sightings of full bodied apparitions on surveillance cameras and in the windows at night. Old Town Buda Antique Mall is a place full of history and it’s very own haunts.

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