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Campfire 10: Helltown

alex-azabache-vYVE1vbBxEY-unsplash copy.

Many of us are drawn to mystery. Whether that be an unsolved murder, a mysterious disappearance, or for the paranormal enthusiasts, haunted places and legends. Tonight’s campfire iIs a combination of all the above. It’s a story of  an abandoned ghost town in the middle of nowhere. A mystery surrounding the town’s population's sudden disappearance. Evidence of satanic rituals and sacrifices being held in the town’s abandoned buildings. And a group of eager teenagers who venture there,  hoping to have paranormal experience of their own.

In 2012, Conner and a group of high school friends, including his close friend Blake,  decided to take a trip, five hours away from their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, to visit and explore the abandoned streets and buildings of the legendary Helltown. What starts off as a thrilling night with friends in a mysterious town fraught with spooky legends, quickly turns into a nightmare that still haunts Conner and many of his friends to this day. Grab a coffee or a whiskey, gather round the fire, and let’s take a trip to Helltown, Ohio. 

Photo Credit: Alex Azabache

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