The Night Owl Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring true tales of the paranormal. Trek alongside host, Stephen Belyeu, as he travels to haunted places, uncovers true ghost stories and digs deep to uncover the mysteries surrounding them. Each episode features candid tales straight from the mouths of those who’ve experienced them. Tune in on the last Monday of every month to hear a new investigative episode.

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EP 1: Ink, Coffee & Spirits
Employees and patrons at a local tattoo shop in the heart of Austin, Texas claim to have a spirit of an angry woman haunting their space.
EP 2: The Tavern - Part I
One of Austin's oldest bars has, what the staff refer to as, a prankster spirit who likes to hide objects from the staff, play with electronic equipment, make unexplainable noises, and even throws things in the kitchen and bar.
EP 3: The Tavern - Part II
Host Stephen Belyeu dives deeper into the stories surrounding The Tavern, a historic bar in Austin, Texas. Join him and clairvoyant Sara as they attempt to uncover the truth behind the activity that's haunted this building for decades. Are the stories about Emily, the murdered child, true? Or is this a fabricated story that has grown out of late night storytelling by patrons and staff at the bar? Or could something else be haunting this bar that no one really knows the truth about?
EP 4: The Tavern - Part III
In this special hour-long episode that concludes this series on The Tavern, host Stephen Belyeu and clairvoyant Sara return to uncover more hidden clues to this mystery, confront a dark spirit that has started to frighten the staff, and hunt down an elusive new spirit that might hold the key to solving this entire case.
EP 5: South Texas Tales
This campfire-style episode features two eerie tales that take place in South Texas.
EP 6: The Clay Pit - Part I
EP 6: The Clay Pit - Part I
EP 7: The Clay Pit - Part II
After hearing all of the personal encounters from the staff and guests of The Clay Pit in Episode 6, Stephen now brings clairvoyant friend Sara to investigate this historic landmark to see if she can either validate any of these experiences or perhaps shed some light on what might really be haunting The Clay Pit. On this first investigation, Sara makes new discoveries, validates some of the existing claims, and then reports some disturbing news following their first visit.
EP 8: The Clay Pit - Part III
Stephen and Sara return to the Clay Pit for 2 more investigations, get validation for things Sara is seeing, and discover a new spirit in hiding.
EP 9: The Restless - Part I
Episode 10: The Restless - Part II
In this episode, Stephen returns to Amanda and Paul's New Braunfels home, this time joined by clairvoyant friend Sara to further investigate their claims. Stephen and his team work to determine whether the activity Amanda and Paul are experiencing is supernatural or if it all has a scientific explanation. Sara once again makes interesting discoveries and connections, brings new things into light, and Stephen and the team are left with some troubling realizations by the end of it all.
Episode 11: The Restless - Part III
The team returns to try to help a couple suffering from a noisy spirit who seems to have an attachment to one of the clients. The final chapter in "The Restless" series.
Episode 12: The Spider House
The team reveals a secret story from the archives that resurfaced after this incredible first year, centering around the spirits that haunt the grounds of Austin's famous coffee house, The Spider House Cafe
EP 13: A Haunting on Main St - Pt. I
For our 1st episode of season 2, Stephen is taking us on a small road trip, just 20 miles south of Austin, to the town of Buda - where an antique shop occupying a historic 3-story building on Main Street is reporting countless experiences they can’t explain.
EP 14: A Haunting on Main St - Pt.II
Stephen and the team continue and conclude their investigation of the strange happenings surrounding Old Town Buda Antique Mall in Buda, Texas.
EP 15: Buenos Aires Café - Part I
In this episode, travel with us to Buenos Aires Café, a quaint Argentinian restaurant in East Austin, that’s having some serious concerns about activity a majority of the staff are experiencing.
EP 16: Buenos Aires Café - Part II
Stephen at the team return to Buenos Aires Café, this time with Sara, to try to figure out if the male presence several of the staff have encountered in their basement, is real.
EP 17: Buenos Aires Café - Part III
Stephen and the team conclude their investigation at Buenos Aires Café in this emotional finale.
EP 18: Pioneer Farms - Part I
EP 19: Pioneer Farms - Part II
EP 20: Pioneer Farms - Part III
EP 21: Murder House - Part I
EP 22: Murder House - Part II
EP 23: Murder House - Part III
EP 24: Origins - Part I
EP 25: Origins - Part II
EP 26: Elysium - Part I
EP 27: Elysium - Part II
EP 28: Mattie's - Part I
EP 29: Mattie's - Part II
EP 30: Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part I
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