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Campfire 4: Grandma's Basement


Grandma's Basement

When they were just 13 and 8 years old, siblings Yessica and Genesis had a lot on their plate for just two kids trying to have a relaxing summer. Their parents had just divorced, they’d packed up and moved from California to Arkansas with their mother, and their Grandmother on their father’s side had moved recently as well, to Kansas where the girl’s father relocated.  And it was this particular summer that the girls would be making a long 8 hour road trip to spend the break with their grandmother in her new home in Kansas. The days were uncomfortably warm due to their grandmother’s AC not working. There was a predictable tension budding between teenage Yessica and her pestering younger sister Genesis. And as usual, the girls had to navigate the strong and overbearing nature of their grandmother. But to make matters worse, there was more stirring within the walls of this house than sibling rivalry and a broken air condition. The girl’s could sense it when they first walked in the door. There was something unsettling about their Grandma’s new house, something they all inherently sensed, was hiding in the basement.


Photo Credit: Daniel Lincoln

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