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EP 24 & 25: Origins

*SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers for Episodes 24 & 25. Before reading, be sure to listen to Origins - Part I & II. Afterward, feel free to check out this "Behind-the-Episode" blog for additional info and photos! And visit our Patreon page for more extras!

Below are a series of photographs of me, my childhood home, Sara's sketches from this case, and Alexis and my trip back to Pawnee.

This is a snapshot Thao took of me telling my personal ghost story you heard on Origins Part I.

This is me, approximately nine years old, the day the foundation was poured for our new house. This would have been around 1993.

The home took many months to finish

This is the front of our house, and facing it, the top right window is my old bedroom.

Here's a unique snapshot of my old bedroom and the window nook that would eventually have my drawing table installed upon completion.