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Campfire 5: The Moorehead Stagecoach Inn

*SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers for Campfire 5. Before reading, be sure to listen to The Moorehead Stagecoach Inn. Afterward, feel free to check out this "Behind-the-Episode" blog for additional info and photos! And visit our Patreon page for more extras!

Photos and evidence in this blog are courtesy of Allen Cornelison - Dark River Paranormal.

First off, I'd like to provide a link to Allen's book based on his six-year investigation into the Moorehead Stagecoach Inn.

As Allen mentioned at the close of our episode, you can get a copy of the book directly from his website Dark River Paranormal. If you'd like a signed copy, you can request that from this site as well. You can also order a hard copy or download a Kindle version of the book from

Below are documented pieces of evidence Allen captured during his six-year investigation at the Moorehead Stagecoach Inn from 2011 to 2017.

I wanted to present some of the pieces of evidence Allen referenced in Campfire Episode 5, as well as a other evidence surrounding the Inn he captured. While this type of evidence is not the kind The Night Owl Podcast team generally accepts, because of its subjective nature, we thought listeners would like have access to it to ultimately draw their own conclusions about it.

Allen retold a story he heard from a woman who informed him, when she was growing up, would often play at the abandoned old Stagecoach Inn when she was a child. Her and her friends would often use the building as a place to play hide and seek. One day, this girl hid in the crawlspace that was used by the children to hide in when Native American tribes would pass through the area or stop by the Inn. This girl felt a hand touch her shoulder and when she ran out of the cubby, she realized no one was in the house, but her. Below is a piece of video evidence that Allen later caught while doing an experiment in the crawlspace using a teddy bear.

Teddy Bear in Cubby Hideaway at Stagecoach Inn

On Allen's third night investigating the Inn, after getting permission from the Ida Grove Historical Society, John was about to pack up and leave because the place was essentially flat. It was then that he felt a strong tug on the back of his coat. In the video below you can see his reaction.

Allen feels a tug on the back of his coat and reacts on just his 3rd day investigating the Inn.

Allen was upset when he reviewed this footage because he wasn't able to capture any physical evidence of the "tug" or what had done it. But after listening to his the audio captured on a separate recorder, Allen believed he captured a child's voice responding to him asking " Is there somebody here in this room with me?"

Child's voice responding "I was, yeah."

After investigating the Inn for years solo, Allen got permission to bring in outside paranormal investigators. On one night, a team and Allen experienced a whistle sound they believed originated from outside the house. Later, upon review of footage from various cameras set up throughout the house, they believed the sound to be more like a scream originating from within the house.

The whistle/scream heard from 4 different rooms and cameras.

Allen tries debunking the whistle/scream but only solidified his opinion that the noise they all heard was a scream emanating from within the staircase of the house.

As Allen mentions if the campfire episode, on his birthday, he decided to treat himself to a solo investigation of the Inn. He decided to try to communicate with John Moore via an EVP session, and believes a chair moved in the room with him. Below is what he captured on his video camera that day.

Allen believes a chair moved when holding an EVP session trying to communicate with the spirit of John Moore

EVP captured when Allen was asking John Moore why he hung himself. He believes he got the response "I didn't want to".

Seeing as Allen investigated the Inn for six years, there's countless documented moments you can find on his Facebook page for Dark River Paranormal. However, below I'll include just a few more pieces Allen shared with me.

Possible Manifestation & Loud Thud Captured at Stagecoach Inn

Various unexplained noises at the Stagecoach Inn - 2013

Captured footsteps while addressing John Moore at the Stagecoach Inn.

EVP "Yes".

Thanks for checking out our Behind the Episode blog for Campfire Episode 5: The Moorehead Stagecoach Inn. Hope you enjoyed the episode and the things Allen shared with us. I'd recommend giving his full account a read by checking out his book "Ghosts & Legends of The Stagecoach Inn". It was a fast read and had so much more information he didn't share in this episode. I recommend reading it by an actual campfire! That's what I did and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Stay restless out there,

Stephen Belyeu

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