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Campfire 8: Cautionary Tales Photos

*SPOILER ALERT: The following blog contains images and info that are spoilers for Campfire 8. We recommend you listen to Cautionary Tales before reading on.

Above is a photo that was taken by Jennifer and her friend as they prepared to enter Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This WARNING is posted so that visitors attending the museum understand the risks of entering a space filled with "supposed" haunted artifacts and relics.

Pictured above is Jennifer at the Haunted Museum. There were many dolls in the museum and when Jennifer spoke to her psychic, Chosen Eyes, she believed the spirit of the little girl was connected to a doll. Chosen Eyes suggested Jennifer might have complimented the doll or even touched it and the little girl attached to the artifact latched onto Jennifer and followed her back to her home in Texas.

To hear the full story, listen to the story segment on Campfire 8 we call "Stowaways".

Pictured above is Holly. She took this picture in her hotel bathroom at the Historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas. Her and two other friends, Chris and Ashley, had decided to make a birthday trip to Shreveport to celebrate Holly's birthday, when they realized they were passing through a town that had a notoriously haunted hotel. They booked a room and wound up having quite an unnerving night.

Holly would have one of the most terrifying experiences of her life and later discover many forms of validation for the experiences she and her friend Ashley had in the hotel that night.

Below is a picture Holly took of the bathroom where the group had heard strange noises coming from all night.

In a picture their friend Chris took, Holly noticed something very strange. If you look at the shadow under the sink cabinet in her picture, it's simply that, a shadow. But in her friends' photo, taken at the same time, there appears to be more than just a shadow. She describes what she sees in the photo as a black smoke coming out from the bottom of the cabinet.

Have a look for yourself and be the judge. But this photo was only one of the many eerie and strange occurrences Holly and her friends experienced the one night they dared stay the night in Historic Jefferson Hotel. Tune into Campfire 8 and check out the segment we call "Vacancy" to hear the full story.

Alyssa, pictured above, was no novice when she visited the well-known haunted site known as the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin, Texas. In fact, she'd been to numerous haunted sites seeking answers in dark corners and dilapidated houses. But on this particular night, she would face something that shook her to her core and made her question if she would ever want to continue pursuing the paranormal again.

Her and two acquaintances documented their full day and night investigating this reportedly active site. But Alyssa would slowly start to feel an oppressive presence targeting her. She began to grow violently ill and was unable to continue investigating through the night.

Above Alyssa sits in a chair inside the Magnolia Hotel, buckled over in pain. She had been suddenly plagued by intense headaches and nausea. The remainder of the night, Alyssa frequented the bathroom, vomiting multiple times that night.

When they had to call it a night, and later looking over the photographs and documents, they all were baffled by the photograph below.

Alyssa claims there was no logical explanation for the type of shadow that you see behind her in this photograph. Her hair was straight and down but the shadow behind her is towering and seems to have a very different shape. To her it looks like a darker presence towering over her with horns.

With photographs, I have a hard time accepting something as paranormal evidence unless i was there to try to debunk. So I can't say, personally, that this is something out of the ordinary. But it definitely does look strange given the circumstances in the photograph. This, obviously paired with the intense activity Alyssa faced this night, definitely make you wonder. But you have a look and decide.

Alyssa drove home and had months of activity continue. She believes the presence followed her. To hear her full story check out Campfire 8 and listen to the segment we call "The Warning".

Stay restless out there,

-Stephen Belyeu

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