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EP 15: Buenos Aires Café - Part I

*SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 15. Before reading, be sure to listen to Buenos Aires Café - Part I. Afterward, feel free to check out this "Behind-the-Episode" blog for additional info and photos! And visit our Patreon page for more extras!

Photos for this story provided by Thao Photography

Located at the corner of E. 6th and Waller St. in Austin, Texas, Buenos Aires Café sits unassumingly. Aside from it's bold colors and beautiful sign, it's actually a quiet little café on a relatively quiet street in Austin, Texas. I mean quiet in a good senses. It's a peaceful and inviting space. However, I know E. 6th. St. has grown more popular and busy, with new bars, restaurants, and shops - so nightlife here is most likely a tad more lively and vibrant. I honestly have only visited during the daytime, but I kind of enjoyed this more on this case.

As I mentioned on Episode 15, the start of this Buenos Aires investigation series, I'd received a text from a friend, Sandra. At the time, she was acting as General Manager of Buenos Aires Café, and informed me that many of the staff had witnessed strange phenomena here. Obviously, I wanted to know more, so I popped by the café one day on my lunch break, and had the pleasure of meeting Paola, owner of the the restaurant.

Paola Guerrero Smith - co-owner of family-owned Buenos Aires Café

Paola gave me a brief tour and an abridged version of the activity her and her staff have experienced in the 10 years they've been in the building. I was thrilled to have access to this unique restaurant in East Austin and even more inticed after hearing Paola's stories.

On December 1st, the team and I returned, this time ready to capture everyone's testimony and get the full picture of what was going on here.