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EP 16: Buenos Aires Café - Part II

*SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 15 & 16. Before reading, be sure to listen to Buenos Aires Café - Part I & II. Afterward, feel free to check out this "Behind-the-Episode" blog for additional info and photos! And visit our Patreon page for more extras!

Photos for this story provided by Thao Photography

On December 1st, 2018, my team and I were excited about coming to Buenos Aires Café to listen to the numerous staff recount their encounters, and following their interviews, investigate the claims,

Alexis, Franklyn and I wanted to do a preliminary baseline reading of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) in the building. We do this, not to detect ghosts, but to actually detect EMF levels. Depending on the levels and amount of exposure, high intensity EMF can have side effects, and in studies it's been shown that some of these effects can be anxiety, nervousness, and in rare cases hallucinations. I myself had gotten extremely ill on our New Braunfels "The Restless" series and learned that it was due to high intensity EMF exposure.

Upstairs, Franklyn discovered a higher than usual EMF baseline. Although not dangerously alarmling like in the New Braunfels case, the baseline here in the café upstairs was 4 milligauss. Normal household levels range from 0.5 - 2.0 milligauss.

Here we stand in the dining area where the footsteps are usually heard - also where Sara would later discover a male presence.

Above, this is where renovations where made - the wall to Franklyn's left was a big change that Sara later picked up on from the spirits in the building.

In the kitchen, Frankly pointed out that at the line, where many experiences have been had by the staff, the EMF was as high as 10 milligauss.

Moving down into the Milonga Room, the basement speakeasy, Franklyn realized the EMF levels dropped to nominal levels. This was also the area where the most activity in the building was reported, and the male presence many have seen and felt, was believed to reside.

We decided to investigate the lights down in Milonga as well. Franklyn was able to determine very rational explanations for both the pulsating and flickering the staff often witnessed down here and attributed to the male spirit. When it comes to electronic or mechanical occurrences, I don't like to jump to paranormal rationalization, simply because there are so many rational reasons for the phenomena, like in this case.

Franklyn typically uses a TriField Meter anda Thermal Gun on most cases. We keep our gear light and efficient.

Café owner Paola built a shrine for the male presence in Milonga, the one they all call Leon. I later learned that she leaves offerings of coffee and liquor. Even more interesting, Paola believes Leon is drinking them because the liquids go down significantly weekly and sometimes daily.

So I decided to test evaporation rates for the various liquids she offers him regularly. I'll have the final results next month in Episode 17: Buenos Aires Café - Part III.

On December 2nd, 2018 - the day after our initial interviews, we brought Sara to Buenos Aires Café to see if she could detect any presences in the building. When she arrived, she was already apprehensive, pacing the sidewalk, looking into the windows of the café.

She sat on the sidewalk bench just to begin sketching some of what she was already getting. She got a name that she kept pronouncing as "Paolo" or "Pablo". Note, this is before she met owner Paola and we believed she was getting her name from one of the spirits as a way of affirming they knew who owned this building now.

Upon entering, Sara was already feeling things. Here we stand in the front entrance of the main dining area, just before the upstairs bar. She's getting a male presence on the left side of the room, and a female presence at the bar and in the kitchen.

Sara has a seat in the main entrance area to start jotting down all that she's getting.

Then she's pulled to the stronger presence she's been feeling, the female spirit in the kitchen. In here we learn that this presence is very active. Moving things around, making noise for closing staff, and just an overall presence the staff would feel. Many of what she hit on felt pretty similar to what staff had reported in their interviews. Especially the fact that she said this spirit likes to make noises when no one else is in the building. This corroborated many of the opening and closing staff members' accounts. Also, I wasn't sure if it was related, but the motion the spirit kept showing Sara was a hand swiping the silver kitchen line counter. This is where Chef Chris and other employees had witnessed a plate of empanadas slide across the counter. I wondered if Sara was picking up on this type of activity as well. She stood in the exact spot and motioned that it was happening right on the line where it was reported.

So far, the two spirits Sara was picking up on didn't match the description of the most prominent entity reported by the staff - the male presence strongly felt in the basement, and that all the staff nicknamed "Leon" because of this same name that was found in the basement bathroom tiles. Eventually, I took Sara to the back door leading down to the basement and speakeasy Milonga Room. It was here that things took an interesting turn.

Sara became much more apprehensive and hesitant to move down into this basement. She stood, clapping her hands nervously, saying there was a different spirit down here and she needed to ask permission first before moving down.