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EP 16: Buenos Aires Café - Part II

*SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 15 & 16. Before reading, be sure to listen to Buenos Aires Café - Part I & II. Afterward, feel free to check out this "Behind-the-Episode" blog for additional info and photos! And visit our Patreon page for more extras!

Photos for this story provided by Thao Photography

On December 1st, 2018, my team and I were excited about coming to Buenos Aires Café to listen to the numerous staff recount their encounters, and following their interviews, investigate the claims,

Alexis, Franklyn and I wanted to do a preliminary baseline reading of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) in the building. We do this, not to detect ghosts, but to actually detect EMF levels. Depending on the levels and amount of exposure, high intensity EMF can have side effects, and in studies it's been shown that some of these effects can be anxiety, nervousness, and in rare cases hallucinations. I myself had gotten extremely ill on our New Braunfels "The Restless" series and learned that it was due to high intensity EMF exposure.

Upstairs, Franklyn discovered a higher than usual EMF baseline. Although not dangerously alarmling like in the New Braunfels case, the baseline here in the café upstairs was 4 milligauss. Normal household levels range from 0.5 - 2.0 milligauss.

Here we stand in the dining area where the footsteps are usually heard - also where Sara would later discover a male presence.