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EP 10: The Restless - Part II

A Haunting in New Braunfels, TX

*SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 9 & 10. Before reading, be sure to listen to The Restless - Part I and Part II here . Afterward, feel free to check out this "Behind-the-Episode" blog for additional info and photos! And visit our Patreon page for more extras!

Photo Credit: @bentorresphoto

I love road trips. Especially with friends. So traveling back to New Braunfels wasn't a chore. Alexis and I rode up together in my truck. Franklyn was meeting us there later. Sara and Rene were following us there. They live a little further north of Austin, so it was going to be best for them to have their own vehicle for the long drive back tonight.

We kept everything from Sara this time. The only thing she new was that we were heading to New Braunfels, Texas. It was about an hour drive from my place, an hour and a half or so from her and Rene's.

Sara and I are outside the house. I didn't know it at the time but she was seeing Zach in the window that my head is covering. She was showing me the drawing she had done of the two entities that came to her before she came here.

The drawings above are what Sara sketched out before knowing about this case. She had two spirits visit her at her house the time Alexis, Franklyn, and I first came to visit Amanda and Paul. When I reached out to Sara, she informed me of the visitations she had and the drawings she made. The bald profile is of the male we'd later learn to be Zachary. Initially, she felt his spirit was not human. You can see her note beside it. The sketch of the female is the image of the Native American woman she had gotten before even coming to this location and seeing her in the house.

This is the exact spot I sat at when I interviewed Amanda on our first visit. This is where readings of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) were off the charts. The couch is pressed against the wall where, on the exterior, an electrical junction box is located. When I got sick, Franklyn and Alexis quickly took readings in this area and traced the source of the high EMF to the junction box out back.

This is a photo of Alexis' EMF Detector reading 130.6 at the junction box. Franklyn had an analog TriField Meter 100XE like the one pictured below.

Only on his, when we got near the couch or the junction box, the needle was maxed out all the way to the right, so we knew the readings were way over 100.

The hanging pendant light in the breezeway bathroom was also reading high levels of EMF, however, not nearly as much as the junction box.

These two areas of the house correlated with reports of the activity however. So we began to wonder, with my sudden illness, and the location of many of the reports, if EMF could be the explanation.

But upon analyzing the noises and experiences had by the clients and their friends, I realized that the people having experiences wouldn't have been sitting there or in that spot long enough to feel the effects of the EMF exposure. The noises and activity was happening near the high EMF areas, but people were witnessing this activity or hearing it from another area. They themselves weren't by the hight EMF areas.

After inspecting the shower door in this same breezeway bathroom, Franklyn and I couldn't explain how the door could have opened or closed on it's own - a common report made by the clients.

Upon entering the house for the first time, Sara made her way directly to the spot where Paul first saw the little girl. In the photo above, Sara is making her way down the short hallway. She was getting a reading of the Native American woman spirit, whom she'd later report appears to Paul and Amanda as a child if they see her.

As she made her way back toward the living room, she noticed noises and creaks and said that the other spirit in this house liked to have fun and scare the residents. She was picking up on the male spirit now, in the living room.

The investigation grew darker when Sara discovered the male presence she could not decipher was human or not. Watching her communicate with the Native American spirit was completely different than the male spirit. Sara was demanding and unfriendly when she spoke to the male entity. So I could tell she didn't like him. When she spoke to the woman, she was sweet, kind, and friendly.

Sara continued to sketch through the night. Above were some of the early images she was getting. You can kind of make out the woman, the male and what she's drawing in the photo is the image of the pipe she kept getting from the Native American spirit.

As the night progressed, Sara was learning more about the male spirit. He liked this window behind me in the living. Which just so happens to be right by the couch I sat on when I got sick from high EMF exposure.

This is the same window from the outside. It faces the street and entry way to their house. As time progressed, Sara was able to learn more about the male spirit. He was human, just projecting himself to be something bigger or scarier. His name was Zachary or Zach. And he was obsessed with the homeowner, Amanda. He also, did not like Amanda's husband, Paul. She said Zach did a lot of waiting in this window. I made a connection that Amanda works out of town and doesn't get home until late most days. Maybe Zach waits for her by this window and gets frustrated with Paul, her husband while he's home, working from home.

Sara also could see a silver tether of energy running from this living room area near the window, down the hall, and into the bedroom door on the right. Which just so happens to be the master bedroom, and the side of the bed that Amanda sleeps on.

This is me investigating the area where Sara sees the tether.

This is the master bedroom door and how it opens right by Amanda's side of the bed. Between the open door and the wall, Sara found Zach hiding later on this same night.