The Night Owl Podcast is a monthly podcast featuring true tales of the paranormal. Trek alongside our host, Stephen Belyeu, as he travels to haunted places, uncovers true ghost stories and digs deep to uncover the mysteries surrounding them. Each episode features candid tales straight from the mouths of those who’ve experienced them. Tune in on the last Monday of every month to hear a new episode.

Goodness gracious Night Owls,


Following our crazy busy October and November, I've had a rough patch of not feeling well. I recently caught a nasty cold virus that spiraled me into missing an entire week of work at my 9 to 5, and sadly cost me precious time to finish the next episode.

The worse symptom of all was the excruciating sore throat that had me dreading swallowing every few seconds. And this agonizing throat lasted 5 days! And trust me, I've had strep....this was incredibly worse!

But that wasn't it, I got hit with body aches, fever, ear aches, cough, congestion, and eye infections in both eyes! I looked like the walking dead, seriously.

Anyway, I'm finally on the mend after about 6 full days of this stuff, but there was absolutely no way in hell that I could add narration to Origins Part II so I inevitably had to postpone it was again. And to just make things easier due to the crazy Holiday season, I'm going to release all of the final Origins at once at the end of the month.

Thanks for you patience, sorry for the delay, and stay tuned for some new Patreon news coming your way!

Stay healthy out there Night Owls,


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Are you ready for a Ghost Tour unlike any other? One that allows you to step back in time and walk amongst spirits on the grounds of a historic 90 acre farm.  The Night Owl Podcast is excited to offer this one-of-a-kind experience, The Pioneer Farms Ghost Tour. This tour is for anyone interested in hauntings and history and loves experiencing both in a beautiful outdoor setting that depicts life in the late 1800’s.


Workers at the farm have recounted numerous experiences with spirits during their time spent at the farm.  You might encounter the children who hang out at the Texian Farm, Native American spirits who have been seen at the Tonkawa camp down by Walnut Creek., or the mysterious Man in Black seen by many visitors. Maybe you just want to say hi to the friendly Cowboy Spirit who frequents the Big Red Barn, herding imaginary cattle. During our investigations here, Sara made contact with several of these spirits who inhabit the farm and remain attached to the original homesteads on the site. 


Are you a history buff? Then you certainly won’t be disappointed either.  This site has been home to early Texian homesteaders like James O. Rice, a member of the original survey party for the town of Austin in 1838 and a Texas Ranger. The property is home to buildings such as the Jourdan cabin, built around 1858 and original to this location. In addition, numerous other historical buildings have been relocated to Pioneer Farms and restored. A Tonkawa encampment was located down on the banks of Walnut Creek next to a 500 year old Oak tree, still standing to this day! The famous Chisholm Trail actually crossed through this property at the only suitable crossing for miles.  Can you imagine the tales this property could tell? Well don't worry, we will tell them on this incredible tour!


On this night, Sara, Alexis, and myself will guide you on the trail we took the night we first visited Pioneer Farms. We'll stop at every stop we stopped, enter all the buildings with reported activity that Sara was drawn to, and intimately recount both the history and paranormal experiences had on this vast property. We'll let the light of the New Moon be our guiding light and the frogs and cicadars be our soundtrack for the night. To top this magical night off, we'll gather round a warm campfire to do a Q&A and ghost story sharing under the stars. 


Don't miss the chance to experience the feeling of “stepping back in time” and doing so in such a beautiful picturesque outdoor setting as Pioneer Famrs.  Come join us for an evening of Haunts, History, and Nature on the Night Owl Podcast Pioneer Farms Ghost Tour.

The Night Owl Martini - Signature Cocktail

We're so excited to announce that our old haunt from season one, The Clay Pit, has partnered with us to create a Hidden Spirits Menu, just for listeners of the show. The menu currently features four cocktails designed with the show and the spirits we discovered in their building in mind. 

Not only are these cocktails delicious, but anytime you order off this hidden menu, a portion of what you spend comes right back to the show. So tell your friends and visit this amazing haunted restaurant in Austin to grab a drink and support the show! 

P.S. The Clay Pit's Happy Hour Food menu is amazing, both in taste and price! So I recommend trying our hidden menu weekdays 4-7 PM so you can enjoy their delicious cuisine half-off with one of our signature cocktails!

Night Owl Hidden Spirits Menu 

Available at The Clay Pit in Austin, TX

El Engaño - Dowdy's Spirit

Botanist Aperol Spritiz - April's Spirit

Hibiscus Palmer - Steadman's Spirit

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