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When Psychic Ability Surprised Us

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

The Night Owl Podcast launched its first episode on October 30th, 2017 with the first investigative case revolving around paranormal reports at Royal Legion Tattoo in Austin, Texas. This case unknowingly would shape what the podcast would look like from here on out.

It wasn't my intention to make my friend Sara a permanent part of the show, but I brought her on because curiosity got the best of me. In researching the claims at Royal Legion Tattoo and the history of the property, I'd hit a dead end as far as knowing what, or who exactly was haunting this little tattoo parlour.

I had believed my friend to have some level of sensitivity to the paranormal. I wasn't sure if I trusted that she was telling me the truth when she spoke of incidents in her life, but if she was, then that meant she had a level of psychic ability that was way up on the charts.

So not satisfied with leaving this case without some closure, I told her about my beginnings of a paranormal podcast and that I was on a case that I'd like her opinion on. I didn't tell her where exactly, but asked her to meet me at a coffee shop on the same grounds as the tattoo parlour. Unbeknownst to me, that day we met at Spider House Cafe would change me and this show, forever.

Sara immediately picked up on a female spirit in the tattoo shop. Then proceeded to name out activity experienced by the artists there. She had no previous knowledge of any of this. She also described seeing the female spirit in the exact window countless of the eyewitnesses saw her in after closing hours.

The night was incredible with numerous validations, but the biggest of all was the name Sara eventually got for the entity she said haunted Royal Legion Tattoo. She got the name Christina. I had previously done a ton of research on the history of this property and found that a family by the last name Fruth had moved the Austin in the late 1800's and settled on this property. The Fruth's had many children, and one of their daughters appeared to inherit the property from her parents upon their passing and she remained there for most of her life. Her name was Christine Fruth. She later married, remained on the property, but took her husband's last name, Ing. But one other interesting discovery I made, in my research, I had noted that her name seemed to either be mistaken in a couple places in the records, or that she might have gone by both Christine and Christina.

Sara's drawing of "Christina" the night we were there

My notes from the Austin City Directories