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TOUR Description


VENUE: Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms
ADDRESS: 10621 Pioneer Farms Dr., Austin, TX 78754

If you’re a fan of history and haunts, you’ve found the right ghost tour! 


For those unfamiliar with the podcast, The Night Owl explores haunted sites, gathers testimony from eyewitnesses, investigates these claims, does historical research, and even brings in a psychic medium who is unaware of the location as a final step to validate experiences and reports. Pioneer Farms is one of the most unique locations the Night Owl Podcast has visited and featured on their show. The land itself has stories dating back hundreds of years. The transplanted historic buildings have been restored and brought back to life. The property was once home to an actual pioneer homestead dating back as far as 1844, and prior to that, recent archeological evidence revealed that the Tonkawa inhabited the area that runs along the Walnut Creek. Today, the many volunteers reenacting the daily pioneer living activities on this 90+ acre farm often have strange experiences that make them wonder if maybe they aren’t the only ones reliving the past on this property.


This unique Night Owl Guided Ghost Tour will take you on a paranormal adventure exploring the haunted sites and trails of Pioneer Farms. This haunted hike features numerous spooky stops, each with its own tale, rich with history and paranormal experiences. 


All Night Owl Guided Ghost Tours will be led by a highly qualified and trained Night Owl Podcast tour guide who will lead you through the haunted landscape and buildings of this very active 90 acre property!


So lace up your boots and get ready to hit the haunted trail for some history, ghost stories, and this one-of-a-kind Night Owl Guided Ghost Tour! 

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Meg Blohm is a local clairvoyant, facilitator, teacher, sound-healer, and friend of the show. She works to deliver messages that can help people learn, grow, feel connected, and embrace life. As an Intuitive Medium, Meg studies and channels the metaphysical with respect and intrigue regarding spiritual realms. She helps people learn to facilitate a better connection with their surroundings and in many cases, passed loved ones that still play a part in their lives. Being committed to the earth’s energy, she also enjoys spending quiet

time in nature gardening and exploring historical sites and ruins. Honing her channeling skills under the mentorship of the show’s clairvoyant Sara, Meg has developed a personal fondness for field trips to Pioneer Farms. She has a profoundly deep connection with the land and its native spirits and beings.


For more info, visit:

ticket info

If the event has to be postponed due to weather or city ordinances regarding the pandemic, all attendees can request a refund or hold their ticket(s) for the rescheduled event.

By purchasing this ticket, you are agreeing that you and all attendees seeking admission with this ticket have read, understand, and agree to the event's Terms and Conditions.

COVID-19 Safety

Current Policy (subject to change as per local mandates)


Social Distancing 

Social distancing will be enforced at all times both indoors and outdoors - this includes the parking lot, buildings, restrooms and trails on the property.


Mask Requirements

Masks will be required to enter buildings and structures regardless of vaccination status. 

While on the trail, masks may be lowered for your personal comfort so long as you are maintaining safe social distance from other guests. 

We ask that you wear your mask when approaching or passing others on the trail.  


Following these guidelines will ensure not only a safe, but also a fun experience for you and all the guests attending the tour.


Anyone found to be in violation of these safety protocols will be issued a single warning. If found in violation again, they will be escorted from the tour without a refund. No exceptions.


Pioneer Farms FIgure - Christina Smith.jpeg

At our Free Range Spirits event in October of 2020, attendee Christina captured this image on her phone while touring Pioneer Farms at Night. The blurry figure standing on the trail ahead is hard to make out, but appears transparent. We can't say for certain this is a spirit she captured, but where the figure stands is the entrance to the Tonkawa encampment site. This site is one of the most active spots on the farm and many report seeing misty and shadowy figures darting into the surrounding woods. 

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