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Event Description

For the first time ever, Pioneer Farms has offered The Night Owl Podcast exclusive permission to host an overnight campout on the farm. The campouts will be restricted to very small groups to allow for safe social distancing overnight on the farm.

Imagine yourself camped out on a crisp Autumn night with the sound of Walnut creek rippling by in the background, the smell of marshmallows toasting over a crackling campfire, while surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Pioneer Farms. We're excited to have this unique opportunity to experience the beauty, the history, and possibly the resident spirits roaming this property!

Join the Night Owl Podcast Team for an evening of exploring, stargazing, and camping on the haunted grounds of Pioneer Farms. Each group will have a designated campsite that's safely distanced from other attendees. Once the tents have been set up and everyone’s settled in, we’ll explore Pioneer Farms before the sun fully sets. As the sun begins to sink, we'll gather around a few campfires for socially distant dinner and conversation. When night falls, all attendees will take our specially designed self-guided audio tour of the farm by moonlight. All you need is your cell phone and some earbuds and you can begin an incredibly immersive audio tour of the farm that The Night Owl Podcast host Stephen Belyeu has designed just for fans like you! Following the audio tour we'll have the campfires still burning at the campsite where we can discuss the hauntings on the farm and share thoughts, theories and perhaps personal experiences from the night. Lastly, to end the night we will have an optional late night outdoor movie screening (horror themed of course) away from the campsite for anyone who wants to end the night with a movie under the stars!

We are excited to be able to offer this Covid-Safe outing for our loyal listeners.

*NOTE: Due to early Pioneer Farms Tour cancellations in April and May of this year, we are extending early RSVP options to our 40 ticket holders who were waiting for a tour option to resume. If there are any tickets remaining following this early RSVP, a link will be posted here at the stroke of midnight this Saturday, September 5th. 

ticket info

ticket info

In order to maximize the space allotted and still maintain a Covid-Safe event, we are only offering 9 campsites. Due to these space concerns, tickets for these events can only be purchased in pairs for each campsite. Cost for this exclusive event will be $100/person which equals $200 per campsite.  So pair up with your spouse, your partner, your roommate or anyone you're comfortable quarantining with on this spooky night!


go on sale

September 5th


  • Campers must adhere to Pioneer Farms rules and guidelines

  • Facial Coverings will be worn by Night Owl Team members and will be required of campers when not in tent or designated Mask Free Zones as per CDC guidelines and mandated by the State of Texas

  • We will require social distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet between persons not in your “bubble”

  • Practice safe hygiene.

  • Tents must be small 1-3 person tent (no larger)

  • Campers must bring all their own camping supplies, food, drinks and lawn chairs

  • To avoid sharing and possible exposure we ask that participants bring their own hand sanitizer, wipes, mosquito repellant, etc.

  • Don't forget your headphones and battery packs to keep your phone charged for the audio tour!

  • Ages 12 & Up only - this is not a child-friendly event

  • No pets

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