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free range spirits - oct 17


*Event Details May Be Subject to Change

Will there be restrooms available?

Yes! There will be restrooms available for usage throughout the night.  Lines for the restroom will be limited, following six-foot social distance markers on the ground. Only one person will be allowed inside the restroom at a time and masks will be required both in line and inside the restroom. 


Do I have to wear a facial covering?

YES, attendees are required to wear a mask/facial covering at all times unless they are in the designated "Mask Break Zone".  


Do I have to wear my mask in the bathroom?

Yes, for the safety of other attendees, it's required that you wear your mask/facial covering even when using the facilities.  While there will not be anyone in the bathroom enforcing this particular rule, remember there are many spirits that haunt the grounds of Pioneer Farms...and they like to talk to Sara. We will have designated safe areas to remove your mask labeled “Mask Break Zones” and the farm is also huge  so anyone at any point can step far away from the festivities and take a personal mask break so long as it’s safely away from gatherings and groups and away from designated "Mask Required Areas". 


What happens if I remove my mask?

If a guest is found without your facial covering, they will be gently reminded to wear it.  If they are found to be without a facial covering a second time, they will be removed from the event without a refund. Basically, we’ll exorcise your evil butt off the premises, so wear your mask in the required areas. If you need a break, there are 90 acres to step away and take a breather and we will have designated "Mask Break Zones". 


What precautions are being taken for social distancing?

-No more than one person and their party at a time will be allowed at a vendor table. 

-Guests are to stay 6 or more feet apart from anyone not in their immediate party at all times.

-Frequent sanitation of the restrooms will take place throughout the evening.

-Frequent sanitation of seating and break areas will take place throughout the evening.

-Guests are required to wear a mask/facial covering at all times unless in a designated "Mask Break Zones". 

-Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the property.


What do I need to take the audio ghost tour?

Important to note, the audio ghost tour is sold separately and will be available for purchase the night of the event on-site for $15 a person. The audio ghost tour is web-based and entirely self-guided!  All you will need is your smartphone and your own pair headphones.  We strongly recommend fully charging your phone prior to the event and bringing a portable power bank for your device just in case.  We would also recommend clothes and shoes you’d be comfortable hiking a long trail in as well. The tour is very in-depth, includes a lot of walking, a ton of stops, and will run on average about 1.5 hours to complete. So make sure to plan to be back by 9pm!


Can I go into the buildings mentioned on the tour?

The Farm usually has the buildings open but require anyone entering them to wear masks and practice safe social distancing. On the night of the event, it’s still uncertain if all the buildings will be open, but we know for sure some will be due to the fact they lack actual doors, being Pioneer structures and all! We just require that anyone on the tour follow these same rules if entering any of the haunted buildings. If a building is closed or locked, you can still explore the exterior premises and property.


Are the vendors accepting cash?

No. All vendors will be operating on a cashless system.  Please have your credit or debit card available for purchases; though some vendors can and will accept Venmo or PayPal. 


Are children allowed?

This is event was designed for adults, however,  is open to ages 12 & up. We  are restricting younger children due to the inherent risk of compromising social distancing. Please be advised that "The Fog", our drive-in feature film, is rated R and some of our vendors may feature items at their booths that are sexualy explicit or adult-themed. 


Are pets allowed? 

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on the farm or this particular event.

What should I wear?

Weather-appropriate clothing is recommended with a pair of shoes you are able to walk comfortably in for an extended period of time.


What will the audience set-up for the live ghost story be like?

It's actually a part of the drive-in movie pre-show. So attendees will make their way back to their cars, tune into the FM radio station we are broadcasting to, and sit back and enjoy the show from the safety and comfort of your vehicle. 


How will we hear the sound for the pre-show and drive-in movie?

The sound for the drive-in pre-show and movie will be broadcast into your car via a specific FM radio channel.  While we would love to break out our old drive-in speakers, they won’t be necessary for this evening’s festivities. 

Will we be assigned spots for the drive-in?

Parking spaces for the drive-in movie will be first come, first serve; however, trucks and taller vehicles will be asked to park in the back rows to allow small, compact cars a good view.  Please note that every spot of the parking lot has a great view of the screen.

Do I have to sit inside my vehicle during the drive-in movie?
Vehicles will have designated parking with ample space between vehicles to allow for safe social distance during the drive-in portion of the night. So long as there’s a minimum of 6 feet of distance between you and your neighbors, you may sit out on your tailgate or bring lawn chairs to sit in front of your vehicle. Please be aware, however, that sound for the drive-in will ONLY be transmitted via FM transmitter. Vehicles can tune into the FM station to hear the movie, so if you sit outside your vehicle, you may need to turn your radio up or bring a small battery operated radio if you want to hear the movie outside your vehicle. 


Will there be food/concessions available?

Yes!  There will be two food trucks (vegan/vegetarian options will be available) and concession snacks and beverages will be available at Pioneer Farm’s General Store located right by the parking lot!


How will the winner of the costume contest be chosen?

Anyone attending in costume will need to enter themselves into the contest virtually by taking a photo at our Night Owl Backddrop, post the photo to Instagram, tag us @thenightowlpodcast and use #freerangespirits2020. The winner will be chosen by The Night Owl Podcast team and announced on-screen prior to the start of the film. 


Will there be a prize for the costume contest?

HECK YES!  The winner of the costume contest will win a killer movie snack prize pack stuffed full  movie candies and treats donated by the awesome Austin original, Big Top Candy Shop! 


What happens if the weather is less than ideal?

If the event has to be postponed due to weather or city ordinances regarding the pandemic, all attendees can either be refunded for tickets or credited the amount for the rescheduled event. Audio Ghost Tour purchases will remain valid through their expiration date and purchasers can still visit the farm on a regular business day to take their self-guided tour at their convenience. Note, on days outside of this event, $8 adult admittance is required by Pioneer Farms. 

How do I find Pioneer Farms?
Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms is located at 10621 Pioneer Farms Dr., Austin, TX 78754. Directions are: Exit I-35 at Braker Lane (Exit 243), go east and follow the signs (left at Dessau Road, right at Braker Lane East, right at Pioneer Farms Drive).

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